Photo by Martin Dee

Photo by Martin Dee

AJung Moon is a PhD candidate and a Vanier Scholar at the University of British Columbia. She studies human-robot interaction and roboethics / robot ethics under the supervision of Drs. Elizabeth Croft and Mike Van der Loos. Currently she is a visiting student at the Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA) at EPFL.

AJung received her Masters of Applied Science from UBC in 2012, specializing in the design and implementation of robot nonverbal gestures that can be used during human-robot resource conflict situations.

Before that, she received her minor in Philosophy, and Bachelors of Applied Science with Honours Mechatronics Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo in 2009.



AJung is currently with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and a member of the Collaborative Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (CARIS Lab). Her research interest is focused on studying the intersection of human-robot interaction (HRI) and roboethics. In HRI, she specializes in designing nonverbal communication cues (hand gestures, gaze cues) for robots for human-robot collaboration contexts (more on her research projects). Her PhD thesis is on developing ways for humans and robots to ‘negotiate’ using nonverbal gestures to quickly resolve resource conflicts

In roboethics, she co-founded the Open Roboethics initiative, a roboethics think tank. She explores ways in which various stakeholders of robotics technologies can work together to influence interactive robot designs.

Science Communication:


AJung has been the blogger behind the Roboethics Info robohub_logo_transparent_robodb copyDatabase since 2009. She is also serving as one of the ethics bloggers and a panel of experts for the Robohub.org, a non-profit robotics news organization that reaches over 60,000 unique readers every month. She has been micro-blogging (Twitter) under the name @RoboEthics, and also manages the facebook group on roboethics.